Science Project is a volunteer run non-profit organization that inspires kids and adults to use science to explore the world around them. Our team develops programs for expos, events, camps and classrooms that turn textbook concepts into fully engaged experiences. We provide exciting hands-on opportunities to investigate, discover, and learn.

Our programs make learning science exciting!

Programs offered by Science Project are comprehensive expositions, featuring laboratory-style experiments, fun games, and hands-on activities. They are designed to fully engage kids in the scientific process, be fun and interactive, and demonstrate the application of science to real life situations. Each program explores fascinating aspects of the natural and man-made world, while teaching the core concepts of chemistry, biology and physics. Each program encourages kids to ask questions, gather evidence, and apply what they learn to their own lives.


Mobile Museum brings the fun and dynamic environment of a science museum to any community event. Each Mobile Museum program uses a cohesive theme to bring science concepts together. Each theme is presented as a series of exhibit stations that encourage kids to interact directly with the science. Games, visuals, and hands-on experiments make this program a great experience for kids and their families! 


Science in the Summer provides engaging science content and volunteer training to camps, outdoor schools, and other extracurricular academies. We develop curriculum and supplementary learning materials, and supply activity materials and on-site support whenever possible.


Junior Scientist is an in-class program for K-12 schools that enhances traditional classroom science curriculum. This program is still in development, and we hope to launch it during the 2016-2017 school year. Stay tuned for more information!

We are Commited to


By making science education approachable, accessible, and engaging, we help kids build confidence along side their knowledge and skills. We foster independent learning, and cultivate kids’ sense of agency in their own education.


Science is more about asking questions than it is about having the right answer. Through inquiry based learning we encourage kids to ask questions, investigate through experimentation, and apply their results to form new questions. The drive to experience and understand the way things work is fueled by curiosity.


We help kids engage with multiple interdisciplinary science concepts by exploring how these concepts relate to a single, compelling topic. What textbooks can leave flat and unappealing, we bring to life with energizing activities and experiences.


Our team of educators and organizers all donate their time and energy to Science Project: we are 100% volunteer run. Any funding we do receive goes directly back into building science programs, and delivering them to kids who have limited access to quality science education. We believe every child should have equal opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their demographic, social, or economic circumstance.

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